Swing trading strategy. Fade the move.
Fade the move
Now you’re probably thinking: "What's the meaning of fade?" It means… to go against. Basically, you’re trading against the momentum (also known as counter-trend). So, if you’re the trader that likes to "go against the crowd", then this trading strategy is for you.
How It Works
Identify a strong momentum move into Resistance that takes out the previous high.
Look for a strong price rejection as⦁the candle forms a strong bearish close.
Go short on the next candle and set your stop loss 1 ATR above the highs.
Take income before the nearest swing low.
What is the best trading strategy?
When it comes to trading strategies, they can all perform well under specific market conditions; the best trading strategy is a subjective matter. However, it’s recommended to pick a trading strategy based on your personality type, level of discipline, available capital, risk tolerance and availability.
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